Milen Dyankov


Milen is a Developer Advocate at Liferay and focuses on Java and OSGi Platform. He is passionate about designing and building software as well as helping others design and build good software! After more than 15 years developing, designing and consulting on various Java EE solutions for leading European companies, he currently spends most of his time teaching, speaking at conferences all over the world and researching his favorite topics around Java modularity, μservices, distributed systems architecture and software craftsmanship. 


From Zero to Production in 1 Conference Talk Time

NoSQL, Serverless, DevOps, Social Auth, ... Developers these days want to forget about infrastructure and simply build great scalable apps quickly. This just got easier and I'll prove it to you by live coding an application that you can interact with during the talk (bring your laptop and/or smartphone). While having fun playing with what I code, you'll learn how to easily build any web application - from simple SPAs trough a full micro-service architecture to complex enterprise applications.