Maciej Lasyk
Maciej Lasyk Codewise


Maciej has been working in IT for almost 2 decades including roles like system administrator, software engineer, cloud and infra architect and so on. He has seen how infrastructures raised and failed always trying to keep high pace of its services. He has been scaling and securing webapps for many years; within Gamedesire, Lumesse, Ocado and now in Codewise.

Maciej is Open Source contributor, enthusiast and evangelist. He also supports security projects like OWASP and Fedora. He believes in Chaos Engineering and automation. He's devoted father and husband as well as multi - sport athlete. You can catch him on Twitter @docent_net and also see his work in github @docent-net and his personal blog.


Platform Architecture & App Development w/systemd

So systemd is here in major Linux distributions. Even Facebook uses it in scale of it’s servers farms. Do you know what systemd brings to the table? How to benefit from it as architect, developer and sysadmin? Do you know, that it is not only an init system, but a core part of Linux created by developers for developers having in mind syssadmins sanity? During this talk You’ll see how to stop crafting imperative bash init scripts and enter declarative world of unit files. How to analyze boot time of your VM operating system (or container) and check performance with cgroups. You’ll learn how to confine Linux processes for stable VM performance using systemd-run. We’ll go through dark corridors (that are very useful) of systemd-bin revealing some of its treasures. I’ll show you how to start using systemd-journal for aggregating and analyzing logs. We’ll even see HTTP logserver! After this talk you’ll be able to start your application with systemd-based health checks and self - healing protocols. And you will see how to make application (or Linux container) start when your client pings defined TCP port with predefined payload (this is called a “socket activation”). Last but not least - forget about Docker containers and start using systemd-nspawn. Why use anything else when you have containers already installed as core component? Learn how to benefit from it! My main goal for this presentation is showing you that systemd helps - but you have to know how to use it. It’s a huge beast, but when enthralled it may charm you! Be prepared for huge data upload in a very short time - stay caffeinated!