Dawid Szymaniuk-Paryz




DevOps-Ready Database Automation

While introducing the DevOps into organization we faces many challenges. The one non-trivial challenge is an approach which enables database patching. In the ideal world there should be several tools already implemented in an organization which support version control and management of database schemata. But, the most often, the reality is opposite and the situation is that the next version of a database schema it just a single archive package containing sql statements whithout the logic and described only in few words in quasi-documentation. In such situation, system administrator, very gently, has to deploy such packages on each environment combining the process with the other changes, which in case of failures are delegated to a developer. The question is; whether big companies should resign implementing end-to-end DevOps solutions because of burdensome process of database patching? Or, is there a possibility of painless transition into position where database packages are under version control and automatically deployed into every environment, and, an administrator's interventions is required only in case of deployment failure?

In our presentation we would like to show our observations in this area and our approach to practical realization of the deployment of database packeges.