Davide Cavalca


Davide Cavalca is a Production Engineer at Facebook on the Operating Systems team, currently leading the fleet migration to CentOS 7.
Before he worked on the ClusterOps team on capacity turnup automation, security and systems management.
Davide has been working in the systems space for over 10 years, always with a strong focus towards open source and automation.


Building Better FLOSS Community Relationships @ FB

This talk will cover the work Facebook has done to become more involved with various upstream open source communities. We will start with why we believe it's important for companies to build strong relationships with the communities around the  software they use - particularly in infrastructure. Next we will look at the steps we took to become better community citizens and finally we will discuss some case studies. Specifics covered will include various projects we've contributed to, technical work such as back-porting various OS components from Rawhide to CentOS 7, benefits we've received and lessons learned.