Catalin Jora
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Catalin is a Senior Engineer at Container Solutions (http://container-solutions.com/) where he currently helps companies making sense of cloud native technologies. He enjoys working on distributed systems and he likes to experiment with new technologies. Previously he started his own company and worked for a few big companies in various engineering roles that all have in common some aspects of software delivery.

His previous work with Kubernetes includes official tutorials (https://kubernetesbootcamp.github.io/kubernetes-bootcamp/), research for the RedHat Linux blog (http://rhelblog.redhat.com/author/jocatalin/) and CI/CD implementation for companies that are migrating to cloud infrastructure. Outside of technology and computer screens, he enjoys traveling, reading and playing with his daughter.

Twitter: [@jocatalin] (https://twitter.com/jocatalin)


Kubernetes 101 - Deploying Your First Cloud Native Application

In this hands-on presentation you will learn what Kubernetes is and how you can use it to deploy highly available applications. The most important moments in the lifecycle of an application would be covered in a demo:

- creation of the environment where the application will run
- deployment of an containerized app
- application debugging
- exposing the application to users
- scaling up
- zero downtime updates

After this presentation you'll be familiar with the main Kubernetes concepts and you'll have the knowledge to deploy your first application on top of Kubernetes.
The demo will be made available as an open-source repository.