Get your boss send you to Atmosphere 2017!


Atmosphere 2017 is coming! This is the fifth time when Polish and international Internet entrepreneurs and specialists responsible for continuous IT service delivery are meeting up.


Conference will be held on May 16-17th in Krakow. It will be a great occasion to expand your knowledge and get some experience that will make you more efficient in your daily work!


Why should you join?


Atmosphere is an international conference, that attracts the best IT specialists from whole world every year. Participation in Atmosphere 2017 gives you a great opportunity to learn from the best, meet interesting people, network, get some valuable contacts in the IT industry and have fun in the best company, that understands what DevOps is. As you can see, you should join us for sure! Are you in?


How to convince your boss?


A good employee is a treasure! And your boss should know it. You've got to explain to your boss what makes this conference so unique and worthwhile. So, let’s do it!


Advantages of Atmosphere 2017:



Still in doubt?


Our speakers was Seth Vargo, Lev Popow, Duncan Davidson, Stephen Thair, Phil Dibowitz and this year speeches for us prepared Jamie Winsor (Chef), Andrzej Grzesik (SSEPP), Marcin Sawicki (Facebook), Diptanu Choudhury (Hashicorp) and many more.


In recent years, we have tried to mix the Dev and Ops track, so both groups could exchange ideas and experiences. However, after conversation with last year Atmosphere’s attendees, this year we decided to create two separate tracks!


However, Atmosphere 2017 isn’t only about experts and knowledge, but also a chilled atmosphere full of computer games, beer and nerd jokes. As a result of this perfect combination, our participants return every year to expand not only their knowledge, but also make new friendships.


Now all you have to do is to go to your boss and join us today!


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See you in Krakow!