Call for Papers Form

Get on board of A5 ship and fight in the name of full automation together with the League DevOps!

The fifth edition of Atmosphere Conference will be held on May 16-17th, 2017 at Forum Hotel, Krakow. Just as in previous years, with the help of international authorities of the IT industry, we will talk about DevOps development pattern.

We invite you to join the team of our speakers, that so far included people from Facebook, Allegro, Chef, Red Hat and Google, experts such as Lennart Poettering and Justin Arbuckle. If you’re a DevOps expert, specialized in one of our main subjects and wish to share your knowledge, contact us!

Space is full of interesting mysteries, theories and technology. However, Atmosphere Conference lasts for only two days and we don’t have time to talk about anything we wished. Therefore, below you will find a list of preferred topics of lectures.

However, if you have another idea - just drop a line to paulina.tomaszewska@proidea.org.pl

- Serverless
- Devops
- Nanoservices
- Microservices
- Immutable infrastructure
- Unikernels
- Infrastructure as code
- Platform as a service (PaaS)
- Infrastructure orchestration
- Container orchestration
- Mesos
- Automation
- Service discovery
- Kubernetes
- Cloud (private, hybrid, public)
- Distributed systems