What is Atmosphere?

When London has its DevOps Summit and the rest of the world has O’Reilly Velocity, the CEE countries lack a valuable meeting on DevOps within easy reach.

We are changing that!

Atmosphere aspires to become a world-known DevOps conference in CEE countries. With the help of the best, world-renowned speakers from companies such as Facebook, Flickr or Allegro, we are creating a meeting that grows year by year and spreads the only way of developing successful and scalable online business - the DevOps way!

This year, world-class experts and keen IT amateurs will meet up in order to share their experience related to scalability, optimization and web performance. They will cover topics connected to:

For the second time they will be supported by the amazing League of DevOps, who will introduce you to the spirit of the DevOps culture!

As companies and their web presence grows, engineers and other team members need to be able to scale their activities in an efficient and functional way, and - what is more - they have to learn to communicate efficiently.

DevOps is the future of your web apps.

Level up your business and join the League of DevOps!