The League of Devops!

16-17 V 2017 Krakow

This is the fifth time when Polish and international Internet entrepreneurs and specialists responsible for continuous IT service delivery are meeting up. The fifth time when the creators of global standards for optimization and scalability will exchange their experiences in order to develop more efficient solutions. Leave your screen behind and join us! Such opportunity only comes once a year! 


Only carefully selected, relevant and worth your attention.

The conference

Facebook, eBay, Allegro.

The people behind the success of the services are the top specialists.

They know that DevOps is the future and they are coming to Atmosphere to let you know.

See what is DevOps all about:

DevOps is a development pattern. It's a culture. It's not a job you can have or a title you can hold. It's a way of doing development.

-- Jamie Winsor, Chef

DevOps appeals to a broad group of people generally in tech industry.

-- Phil Dibowitz, Facebook


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